Simple tips to teach children colouring

Colouring activity is highly favoured by early childhood. It is an instinct that childhood is a time of great excitement with whatever doodling activity he holds if he finds a pencil. Now, rather than blaming their creative attitude because of our lack of understanding, it is wise to facilitate your child with drawing and colouring tools. You can learn how to teach your child to draw by visiting our youtube channel and get the Coloring page.

We can teach early childhood colouring and draw together, but according to our experience, this way will burden the child. In the early stages, we should teach the children to colour first, the next step is to teach children to draw because drawing is more difficult than colouring.

Here we give some simple tips to teach children colouring:

1. Recommend first the basic colours, namely: black, white, red, yellow and green. This basic colour will be easy to understand the little one.

2. Choose a simple shape drawing a shape, such as a rectangle, square, triangle. We also introduced to the little form of the wake with an interesting explanation.

3. Encourage your child to colour something that is the most demanding but simple drawing first. For example pictures of cars, pictures of fruits, or other images that favoured your child. For the early stages let your child work according to his ability. Do not be reproached or scolded if in colouring the image out of the line.

4. If it feels the child has mastered the way of holding a pencil or crayon correctly, understand to your child so that in colouring the image do not get out of the line shape, give the explanation as soft as possible that if out of line shape will reduce its beauty.

5. The child will be more motivated by teaching us to mix colour experiments. The child will feel cheerful if he finds new colours through mixing colours.

6. If the child is bored then do not we push, let the child play first or do other activities. If you feel the mood, we can bring back colouring.