The exam to get the UK visa

Getting the UK visa isn’t easy, but fortunately, it’s not as hard as getting the USA visa. The visa to enter the Untied Kingdom requires you to pass the B1 English test. It’s a spoken exam which requires you to practice your conversation skill. The examiner will let you choose several topics which will be given by them to you. The topics are usually about entertainment, music, or your recent personal histories. You might want to visit to learn more about this test.

It will be a bad idea for you to try to memorising the topic. It has been designed so the examiner will ask you with the spontaneous questions. That’s why it will be important for you to understand the topics thoroughly so you can answer his questions without any difficulty. Don’t worry about few wrong answers, due to as along as you can speak English fluently, you will do it just fine. They will measure your conversation skill, so it will be okay if you only get few wrong answers.